Business Planning Pack

Business Planning Pack


The business planning pack is aimed at businesses that are looking to take things that step further! Are you an established businesses wanting to take it to the next level or are you a start up wanting an in-depth, bomb-proof plan from the word go?

Whichever you are, do the work now to reap the rewards! This has a business habit tracker to keep you on track (obviously), a business plan template and guidance, and a costing template to help you ensure that the price is right!!

This pack contains:

  • Business plan template
  • Business habit tracker
  • Product costing template

"I have never done a business plan and so was massively caught out when I had to complete one recently in order to apply for a trade show grant for my Brand 'Sas and Yosh'

All I can say is thank the stars for 'Simplified Accounting' and the enormously helpful and descriptive 'Business Plan' template I was able to download quickly and easily from the website.

The template explained each step of the process of creating the business plan, complete with a variety of stages you could use to help you work out what you needed to include in the plan. 

These stages helped you to break down the different elements of your business, inc its incomings and outgoings and where you saw the business going over the next few years.

Once this was completed the brilliant template guided you in putting all this gathered info into easily readable forms that helped to coherently show your intended direction of your business in the future.

The financial forms were easy to fill in and fully editable if required.

It made a hard job easy and helped me to get the business plan finished quickly.

We were even more delighted when our application was accepted on the strength of the plan."

Sarah, Sas & Yosh

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