What to look for in an accountant

When you are looking for an accountant there are some important things you out to consider:

What questions do they ask you?

  • What do they ask about you and your business?
  • Are they interested in what you do and how you do it.
  • Do they ask about levels of sales, profits, areas of concern you have within your business? 

How do they work?

  • Do you have a dedicated member of staff looking after you and a set contact?
  • Is the person you meet the person that you deal with?
  • Do you need to take paperwork to them or can you post it / email it / dropbox it etc.  
  • How do they invoice (monthly standing order / direct debit, on completion, stage payments etc)
  • What are their payment terms. 

What are their qualifications?

There are varying different qualifications out there but and here's the big BUT .. accountant isn't a protected term - anyone can call themselves an accountant so it's worth checking that they actually know what they are doing!!

Do you like them?

This is the big one .. can you actually work with this person? Do you like them do you feel you can trust them and their advice? If it's not a yes, then they aren't for you. 

What about Simplified Accounting?

I have the letters FCA after my name meaning that I am an ICAEW Qualified Accountant and you can find me on the ICAEW members search website (http://membersearch.icaew.com/) just remember to spell my name correctly! (Rachael Savage .. the second a is the one people forget). 

When you work with Simplified Accounting, you work with me ... it is me on the phone, me on the email and me writing the blogs and social media posts etc (excluding guest blogs obviously). 

I give potential clients free initial meetings which can either be a call that you can book directly into my diary via the website (www.simplified-accounting.co.uk/contact) or can be a face to face meeting if you are local to me. 

99% of my work is invoiced on a work completed basis and invoices are on 14 day terms. 

And I LOVE to hear about your business and what you are up to .. 

Rachael Savage