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How is it May already? Where has 2019 gone? May is a manic month:

  • 2 Bank Holidays

  • ½ term

  • Business birthday – we’re 8!

  • Wedding anniversary – 20 years!

  • 3 Snowboarding competitions for the teen (mum taxi duties for these and all the training to get her to)

Not to mention all the rest of life and work to fit in... but the business being 8 this month is what I wanted to talk about!

I started Simplified Accounting back in May 2011 because big practice and family life just didn’t work with a six year old, plus there was a real need for clear, fuss-free accounting and tax support – the rest as they say is history! Since then I’ve worked with lots of amazing clients and amazing businesses and gone from working on my own to having a team to support me. So what are the lessons I’ve learnt along the way?


Seems so obvious doesn’t it? Just because you talk to someone about working together doesn’t mean you have to! It’s OK to not quote, it’s OK to say we aren’t a fit.  Working with everyone and anyone will not build a business that you love, it will mean you sit there further down the line and have to reassess what you do and who you do it with as you refine what you offer and how you do it. 


It’s OK to say no – to work, to meetings, to calls.  You can’t be there for everyone 24-7, it isn’t sustainable, and people will take advantage.  It took me a long time to get my head around this but I am definitely a lot better at it now but there is always work to be done.  I blogged about it the other month but having clearly defined office hours and response times for emails that are clearly communicated to my clients definitely helps.


Nothing stays the same, you will change and the business will change.  Clients will come and clients will go.  Accept this and adapt and grow.  The chances are the services you offer when you start aren’t going to stay the same forever, there will be work you love and work you hate.  Legislation will change, software will change and if you don’t adapt and change with it then you will get left behind.


Always remember your why, the reason you set up the business in the first place – for me: freedom.  Freedom to work with the clients I wanted to, the hours I wanted to, to spend the time with my family that I wanted to and to not be reliant on someone else to pay my wages!

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