Time ...

Time is definitely running away with me this year .. time management needs to become my "thing" .. 

I  wasn't really sure what I was going to write about today, Tuesday seems to have appeared from no where this week and I hadn't given much thought to it all.  February appeared from no-where too .. although that might have been something to do with being exceedingly busy in January with self assessments etc!!

But the fact that Tuesday appeared out of no-where has made me think .. how do we use our time? Are we efficient in what we do both inside and outside of work.  We all say I don't have time for a, b or c but is that actually the case?  If we organised our time better, would we create the time to do what we want to do?  

If you look at your business what are your time drains? What makes the day disappear before you know it and as a result you end up feeling unproductive and that your to do list is actually longer than when you first started?

I don't "do" timesheets ** recording every minute of every day drives me loopy but I am going to start tracking my time for a few weeks to see where I can make improvements so that I am more efficient and get more out of my time.  I suspect I know the answers but it will be interesting to see and this then allows sensible, informed business decisions to be made about what help is needed. 

How about you .. is it worth doing this in your business so you can see where you spend your time so that you can see what you are doing and what you shouldn't be doing, it could be a complete revelation and result in outsourcing work to someone with more time and expertise to do it; it could lead to you deciding to scrap something completely; or you might decide to put more order into your day about when and how you do things. 

Let me know how you get on - hello@simplified-accounting.co.uk 

I'll update you all in March!!

** Before clients are up in arms .. I do track how long your work takes and know how long I expect it to take so fees aren't just numbers plucked out of thin air and guesses .. they are based on years of doing this, talking to you to understand your business and tracking how long your work actually takes me to do. It's the rest of the time that I don't track .. writing blogs, social media, emails, admin tasks etc etc.

Rachael Savage