The Juggle Is Real...

Running a business and having kids is hard – OK, I just have the one and she is a teen now so it’s Mum-taxi rather than playgrounds and indoor play centres and she is more self-sufficient but the juggle is still there and still real!

So, what do we do? Holiday clubs, family holiday and muddling through trying to work the same hours and the same work load have been the plans of past summers .. but she snowboards and although it’s only a 20-30 min drive away that’s an hour, twice a day and 300 miles in a week (eek .. my poor little car!) so, trying to work the same number of hours is just absolute madness and just leaves all of us feeling frazzled and knackered!!

This year, I’ve tried to do it differently, inspired by Jo Love and her ‘Slow Monday’ campaign on Instagram I have approached it differently this summer:

  • For a two week family holiday I took 2 ½ weeks off work so that I had time to pack and unpack again without doing it all at 11pm and getting stressed by it!

  • For the rest of the school holiday I have been working 3 day weeks, which has been a mix of 3 actual days or the equivalent number of hours over the course of a week depending on what we have been up to.

This has helped give some semblance of balance over the holidays (so far!) and means I am not putting pressure on myself to get it all done and have actually managed to squeeze in a hair appointment too .. just need to remember to buy the school uniform and shoes before she goes back.

So to all the working parents out there be you running a business or working for someone –
we’ve got this .. but roll on September when school is back and we can get back to some
normality and a smaller food bill again!