Success: What is it and who defines it?!

I see a lot of posts across varying social media platforms along the lines of "sign up and we will give you the key to six figure income and success".  Besides annoying me for spamming me with ads for things I don't want to see it got me thinking, who's definition of success is this?

I “mused” on this in a newsletter a few weeks ago and had replies that all came back telling me the same thing:

“it’s not about the money, it’s about the freedom”

So, who decided that you were only successful if you had a six-figure business? Success is personal, but it might be:

  • Being able to work that hours that you want, when you want to work them

  • Having the freedom to take the time off that you want and to flex around family, pets, other interests

  • Making a fool of yourself in the parents race at sports day because you can flex your hours

  • Being able to have the car that you’ve always wanted

  • Being able to have take-away and bottle of wine on a Friday night

  • Being able to have the holiday of your dreams, and that may cost £500 or £5,000, but it’s the one YOU want, not the one you are being told you should want.

  • Being able to make a difference to someone else.

It is about achieving what is important to you and being able to live the life that you want at this point in time.  If you are just starting out that might be having 2 clients or having 10 sales in the month ... it might be exactly the same when you are more established too.

Basically, it's your business, your dreams, your goals and don't let anyone else tell you what these should be or look like.  Help and guidance from others to help you work these out is good and sometimes essential, but at the end of the day set your own goals and targets, measure and celebrate your own successes.

If you want help with goal setting check out this blog from earlier in the year.