Sometimes in business you need to STOP .. you need to PAUSE, you need to take stock and take the time to see what is or isn’t working for you. Often we are so deeply involved in the day to day of our businesses that we don’t do this and step back to look at the big picture.

But this is important, REALLY important.  It’s when you do this that you notice what is happening ..

  •          How your business has changed and developed, and are you happy with where it is.
  •          How your finances are .. are your costs controlled, does your bank balance match your expectations given the level of work you are doing.
  •          What are your goals, your aims and ambitions are are you still working towards them?

I work with a few clients to do this on a quarterly basis, we sit and have coffee and cake and talk about their business, what they have been up to, what they are wanting to do and how they think they will do this.

They come away with ideas and goals and then the next quarter we review them .. it’s working really well and is giving them focus.

If this is something you would like to look at doing, then please get in touch. 

Rachael Savage