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We’re almost in the last quarter for 2019 and 2020 will soon be here and it’s the time of year we start looking at how we’ve done and did we achieve what we set out to do, and maybe even start to think about next year and our aims and objectives for that too.

When looking back at your objectives and aims, always remember, things change.  What you thought back in January isn’t necessary still applicable to you and your business, for this reason I like to plan 3 months ahead at a time as it’s a more manageable time frame. Also be critical, did you set sensible objectives and plans that you could actually breakdown into achievable bite-sized chunks? Saying you wanted to grow your income by 50% but with no details of how would generally lead to it not happening.  But if you had said you wanted to grow your income by 50% and then had three steps as to how you were going to do it then you had a better plan and can review how you did much better as you can see if the three steps happened. And if those three steps had a breakdown of what you needed to do and when then you would be onto a winner from being able to monitor your progress as you can see exactly what you did (or didn’t) achieve and them you can work out what you want to do going forward and what your next steps are going to be.

So going forward, as we set our next set of goals and plans, what can we do:

  •         Plan 3 months at a time

  •         Break down those objectives and goals into bite-sized steps

  •         Give those steps some actions so you can tick them off and see how you are really doing

There is nothing wrong with big, bold long term plans but working to a shorter time frame helps make things more achievable and keeps them in your mind.

And lastly – never set too many otherwise you’ll soon boot them and forget about them!!

Good luck and let me know how you get on.