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We are now into the third week of the summer holiday, there are 3 ½ more to go... the juggle is real, we are feeling the overwhelm and we definitely cannot do it all.  For some this is a blip over the long summer holidays when you are trying to work as well as managing the kids at home, childcare, and being a taxi to the varying clubs and activities that they are doing.  But for some, this is reality – they always feel that everything is a juggle and that keeping on top of it all isn’t possible.  So, if this is you on a regular basis, what should you do?

The three D’s

·        Do

·        Dump

·        Delegate

Look at that to do list – what do you actually need to do? What can you just get rid of because the reality is it doesn’t need to be done and just isn’t going to be done and what can you get someone else to do?

Once you have hopefully got the list a bit smaller look back at the Do list – divide it up into less than 15 minute jobs, less than an hour jobs, longer than an hour jobs.  Now count up all those less than 15 minute jobs... how many are there? If there are 12 job on that list that are all less than 15 minutes it will take you 3 hours max to get them all done and off the list... so DO IT!! 12 things crossed off the list is going to feel fantastic after all. Then you can look at the rest and start working out an action plan.

Does it really need me to do it?

Another method is to look at what you do day in, day out and critically divide it up into tasks you need to do and tasks others could do on a regular basis for you – these are the tasks that don’t need your expertise but do need to be done, it could be admin, it could be scheduling social media, it could be tasks outside of work (cleaning, ironing etc).  Then you can look to see what the cost of getting someone to do these for you would be compared to the time you get back .. it might cost £100 a month to get some admin help but if you gain back 10 hours a month to do chargeable work or get to the gym then is it worth it to you?


Ask for help! If you don’t tell someone that you need a hand and some help, how would they know? As I tell my teen often enough – I can’t read minds!!

And for those of us who it’s just a temporary blip – remember, they will soon be back at school and we will miss them really.