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Hello and welcome to 2019! It’s the first blog on the new year as I didn’t think anyone would want to read my musings on the 2nd of Jan and I didn’t want to write one for you all either (I was about to say sorry, but I am not sorry at all ..!).

So, new year and new you .. we all see the posts on social media, the ads on the TV and in the magazines.  Firstly – what a load of twaddle, why should changing the number at the end of the year make any difference? But if you are planning on turning over a new leaf for the new year then here are some top tips for in your business to make your life easier .. and that’s got to be a good thing, right?


No, that doesn’t say JEDI as I know it has been mis-read as before .. it says Just Flipping Do It (or any other appropriate F work you can think of!).  Basically, stop procrastinating and get on with it .. it will never be perfect, it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be done .. Just Flipping Do It!!

That might be launch that new product, hit go on that website, get your face on your social media .. whatever that step is you’ve put off taking to take your business that next step .. take it and do it.  What’s the worst that can happen? Someone spots a typo? And .. we’re just human after all.


Seriously, go and buy a red pen! Now get that massive to do list and look at it critically – everything that has been on there for ages and ages and not done .. critically assess why not and if it doesn’t need doing then cross it out! Get that red pen and get it gone!! Feels SOOOOO good.

Or ..


If it actually needs to be done and will take less than 10 mins get on and do it .. 30 mins, 3 tasks done.  Do that every day for a week and that is 15 of those 10 min tasks off that list!!

Or ..


If it actually is something important and needs to be done then look to delegate it to someone who will get off their bum and do it – pay someone to do it needs be, but get it done and gone.


If you are ad-hoc at your admin, get a plan in place.  Get some systems and organization – set aside 30 mins or an hour each week to clear it off and down and bribe yourself if you need to.  Generally it’s the tasks we hate doing that we don’t do and if you really can’t get shot of them or get someone else onto them then just do them and do them little and often so that they are done and out of the way.


Go read Sarah Knight’s books!! I’ve just downloaded her new one and am LOVING it!!!