New Tax Year... New Look!

Welcome to the updated website! We are completely and utterly in LOVE with our new branding and look and really hope that you are too.

So, why the change?

Simplified Accounting started back in 2011, we’ve watched our clients grow and change, we’ve worked with so many exciting business and love seeing their growth, development and successes.  But like most, we’re not so good at shouting about ourselves - about our growth, our development and our changes.  So, it’s time to put the spotlight on us instead.

Brand board c/o Anchor & Dash

Brand board c/o Anchor & Dash

We’d fallen out of love with the old branding a while ago and weren’t sure what to do, what to change or how to go about it but Anchor & Dash and their amazing team spent time understanding what Simplified Accounting was about, how we work, how we tick, what brings us joy, gets us up and bouncing in the morning (besides the alarm clock and caffeine) and it’s working with clients who are passionate about their businesses. Their passion and enthusiasm is contagious!

It’s not all about the number-crunching, we do so much more, we work with our clients to help them grow and success, to understand the numbers and unlock the potential within their businesses.

Our clients are sophisticated people, they know what they want and are working bloomin’ hard to get it and we wanted a brand that matched the service that we deliver.  A grown up look, a grown up brand that lets our professionalism and uniqueness shine through – we’re not like other accountants and are proud of this.

We hope you like the new site, head over and meet the team and check out our new resources too.

Any comments / questions / feedback then get in touch!