My mate down the pub said...

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OK, time to be blunt! I can do that right? You've been reading the blog a while now & you know I'll tell it to you straight when I need to. So, getting accounting and tax advice from your mate down the pub (or elsewhere) just isn't a good idea. Yes, they might have life experience or have been running a business a long time BUT…

  • They aren't a qualified accountant (if they are, then fair enough, listen away!). I spent 3 years studying whilst working full time to get my qualifications. I have to maintain these qualifications through hours of CPD each year. I have worked long hours over years & years honing my knowledge & offering to be perfectly placed to help you.  Simplified Accounting may have been going 8 years but I started out 20 years ago!

  • They don't know YOUR business, what they believe works from them may not be applicable to you. 

  • It may not be legal! Tax legislation changes, what was once OK may not be now. They may not have caught up with the times or think that they will be able to get away with it but I don't advocate breaking the rules, it's never going to end well. 

So, remember, you wouldn't ask a mechanic to rewire your house, or a plumber to help you train for a marathon. Ask the right people for the right advice and help, it will work out best for you in the end.