Me! What the bio doesn't tell you

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So a blog with a difference this week, it's the business birthday at the end of May, Simplified Accounting has been going for 7 years and we've seen clients come and go but we are still working with our very first client! So, this week we thought we would give you a sneak peek into behind the business with 10 things you might not know about me, things that aren't in the business bio

  1. I have a degree in Maths & Physics and was going to be a teacher but then hung around Uni as a research assistant for a few years looking at airflows in ventilation hoods and teaching Maths to engineering under-grads.

  2. I like to read, a lot, I have been known to read 10 books on a two-week holiday. I was relatively late to buying a kindle but being able to carry around several hundred books is fantastic!

  3. I am vegetarian, in fact all the household are (well, not the cat, he blatantly ignores that)

  4. I tend to be a morning person, I don't jump up as quick as I use to, but my parents called me Tigger!! (Hmmm, wonder where my daughter gets it from).

  5. I drink far too much tea, strong with milk please and no sugar, a healthier builders brew. But I do like a proper coffee mid-morning too, but just one or I get a bit hyper - you've been warned.

  6. I'm a rock chick at heart: rock, punk, metal, no pop here!

  7. One day, we will have a house in France in the Loire valley … one day! The sun will shine and I will sit in the garden reading with a cold beer.

  8. Favorite food would be either Mexican or Indian, spicy and full of flavour! And now I am hungry ...

  9. The inability of people to tidy up after themselves drives me bonkers, just as well I have such a tidy husband and daughter eh?! (I wish ...).

  10. I have a thing for Marc Jacobs perfumes and have 4 different ones, I would have more, but it's not top of the list of things to buy myself.

Anything else you would like to know?