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So, a hypothetical question for you this week ... if you were offered unlimited cash to invest in your business what would you spend it on? There are no strings attached to this – you don’t have to repay it, you don’t have to give away any of your business ... GO!!

I asked this question a while ago as I was curious as to what people would do, and I was really surprised:

·         There were people not wanting the money and saying nothing in life is ever free (it’s a hypothetical question .. come on people .. play the game!)

·         There were people who would invest in new tech for the business so that they were up to date rather than kicking the hamster in it’s wheel to start the computer each morning **.

·         There were people who would invest in more stock so that they didn’t feel so hand to mouth constantly.

·         There were people who would invest in help – product photography, a social media and marketing manager, a VA – so that they could free up time to focus on their area of expertise within their business.

·         There were people who would invest in themselves, I don’t mean in an all inclusive 2 weeks in the Bahamas but in training and self development to aid their business growth, to give them more confidence and belief in what they did and what they offered.

Of those who would take the cash, no one was after more than £2k to £5k which got me thinking ... it sounds a lot ... but what would you actually need to do to generate that extra cash in your business so that you could do it?

I am going to ponder some more on the ideas that are forming so look out for a new blog coming soon on ideas of how to get those extra pennies out of your business!


** No hamsters were actually kicked .. honest! But you know what I mean.