Exposure doesn't pay the bills

So, before I start .. this is not about flashing and showing your bits .. that gets you arrested and most definitely doesn’t pay the bills!

This is about being asked to do something for free because it will benefit you for reasons x, y and z .. for the exposure it gives you and your business.

So, how do you know if this is someone after something for nothing or whether it will actually be good for your business?

If you are a serviced based business it could be that you are being asked to give your time for free – doing this means that you aren’t working for someone else and generating an income. It could be that it’s a local small charity and you want to work with them and support them and that they are offering to promote your business in their newsletters with a free advert. It could be a good cause that means a lot to you and you would support without question so using your skills to do so is a sensible idea.

If you are a product based business you may find you are inundated with requests for freebies in return for promotion.  You need to look at how many freebies that are wanting, what this costs to you, who they are promoting you to and are they your target audience.

For example, if you produce hand-made quality teddy bears with a price of £100 each then a blogger with a reach of 2,000 readers and 10,000 followers on Instagram might sound amazing but who are these people? If they are 13 – 21 with no children then they are not your target audience. If they are 25 – 35, have children under 5 and disposable income then they are.  You would need to agree the terms as well, where and how will they promote the blog post, how many mentions and tags will you get on Instagram etc. This is how you can determine what the exposure is and whether it is beneficial to your business.

There are some fantastic comedy sketches of this on line and I recommend that you watch them as they make the point so well .. check this one out for starters!

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Rachael Savage