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I’m seeing lots of posts on Instagram at the moment about businesses growing and how they are loving having a team and it’s fantastic to see the growth and the acknowledgement that having a team around you makes a real difference.  Suddenly, you aren’t doing it all, you aren’t responsible for everything and you can actually focus on the bigger picture because you have the time to and you know there are the right people with the right skills doing the work for you so you (a) don’t have to and (b) don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Taking that step to have a team is scary:

  • It’s finding the right person to step into your shoes and take on that work, you need to trust them implicitly to do the right thing for you and your business

  • It’s the financial commitment that you have to be able to pay someone be they an employee or a freelancer for the work that they are doing

  • There’s the need to suddenly be able to comply with Employment Law and ensure you are doing the right thing for both you and them.

But the freedom and flexibility you gain can be amazing!

I have a team who work for me, they are all freelance and have their own businesses, but they are my team:

  • Laura who looks after all things marketing and social media related

  • Sadie who loves the admin that I love to hate

  • Sue who has the tedious task of running all my client payrolls for me .. but she loves it (whereas I really, really don’t!)

But beyond that there are others who are my team, who support and encourage me, who are a sounding board when I want to run ideas and thoughts past them and will happily tell me I that something is a daft idea if needs be! These people are fellow small business owners, they are friends, they are family – they are part of the team that keeps Simplified Accounting going.

So, if you are reading this and are thinking that you don’t think you have a team, think again! You might feel that it’s just you and your business working away in the spare room, the garage, the kitchen table but I promise you it’s not.  Look around – who is there to offer you help and support when you need it, who is your sounding board when you are wanting to make a decision but are sat on the fence? They are your team and these people are just as important as the ones who are working within your business.