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If you are feeling that you are working non-stop and are constantly tired and have nothing to show for it all, then a busy fool is what my Grandad would have called you! But also, you aren’t alone in feeling that way. Pricing is something I come back to again and again (and again) and if you feel like this then the chances are your pricing needs looking at and an overhaul (it could be something more fundamental within your business, but pricing is a good start).  Whether you sell your time or products there are a few basic areas that you need to be thinking about.

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Pricing pressure

There is so much pressure on small businesses over pricing these days – there are special offers left, right and centre.  Be that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Pre-Christmas sales, January sales, sign up discounts etc or just a sale because it happens to be a Wednesday!

So here are my key things to remember when feeling the pricing pressure:

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Pricing - Mindset

OK, so I talk about pricing a lot but getting it right can make all the difference between success and failure (and remember success is definitely personal).

This blog isn't about the mechanics of pricing but more about what goes on in our heads and
the thought processes. But first, a BIG disclaimer - I am not a coach, I do not have the ins and
outs of how to address money blocks and the fears that may be holding you back in your pricing and business decisions, but I have been running Simplified Accounting for over 7 years and have had the same conversation lots and lots of times and it is these experiences that I can

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