BREXIT PAPERS: Workplace rights in the event of a no-deal

The government have produced a number of papers about what might happen if the UK were to leave the EU with a “no-deal” scenario.  The government remains adamant that a no-deal situation is unlikely to happen, but putting our boy scout hat on it’s best to be prepared.  The full list of papers can be found here:

This week we are specifically looking at workplace rights if there is a no deal situation.

At present a significant proportion of workplace rights and protections come from EU Law, including:

  • Working Time Regulations – these include provisions for annual leave, holiday pay and rest breaks.

  • Family leave entitlements, including maternity and parental leave

  • Certain hear and safety requirements

  • Anti-discrimination in the workplace legislation

  • TUPE regulations

  • and more.

After 29 March, if there is no-deal the EU Withdrawl Act will bring across powers from EU Directives, this means that workers in the UK will continue to be entitled to the rights that they had under UK Law and although there will be some amendments to wording to reflect that the UK is n longer part of the EU. 

I think it is safe to say, that workplace rights are something that will be closely monitored and covered in the press. 

The full details can be read here:

GeneralRachael Savage