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If you aren’t aware of the continued will they / won’t they Brexit saga then you must be living in a cave, can I join you? I think we are all suffering with Brexit-fatigue at this point in time and with just under 2 months to go until 29th March there is lots more to come.

I first looked at the prospect of a no-deal Brexit back in October:

There is A LOT more guidance available now at and there is a specific questionnaire for businesses that I recommend you have a look at: this gives you 7 questions to answer and then brings up the most appropriate set of guidance based on your answers .. they may not all be relevant to you but it does help you narrow down what you ought to be looking at and reading.

Obviously what is going to happen come 29th March is currently very unknown but there will be some more blog posts over the next couple of months on the key areas that will impact most businesses.

In the meantime, if you are a client and have any specific questions or concerns ... give me a shout!