Back To School

I don’t know about you but this week seems decidedly chaotic – it’s that back to school week but it’s not actually Thursday before she is back, so although I thought 'YAY back to routine and normal working hours', that’s not quite the case .. .that will be next week ... and by then we will be 1/3 of the way through September (WHAT?!?!, almost time to light the fire and dig out the jumpers!). 

But there is a real back to school vibe going on in a lot of my client’s businesses, September seems to be the time for a new notebook, a new pen, fresh ideas and plans.  Far more so than January was, is it because we spent so long in education that September feels more of a new start than January does? It’s not cold and miserable for a start – there’s still some sunshine and heat to the day, but that whispering of Autumn around the corner at the same time.

So, if you are plotting and planning within your business, what are my top tips .. besides a shiny, pretty new notebook to put it all in?


But it doesn’t have to be! Let your brain and imagination run wild .. no cash restraints, no people restraints .. let all the ‘what if’ and big ideas come to you.  Write them down and then see what feels like something you can run with – what can you do to make it happen? And what steps can you take to make the big ideas and plans a reality further down the line.


Of course I would say that.  But if you don’t know how your business is performing, what works and what doesn’t then how will you know if you have the money to finance your plans and dreams? A blog on giving your business a financial MOT will be coming later this month.

Remember to look at everything not just where the spend is but also the performance of that spend .. there’s no point spending hundreds of pounds of Facebook Ads (for example) if it doesn’t give any return.


When you’ve done the above two, take time to stop and reflect.  Don’t rush headlong into a new idea without the research first to confirm that there is a market for it and don’t ditch a big part of your business or someone you work with without double checking that your figures are definitely, 100% right.  It can be very hard to go back on these decisions if you then decide they were wrong.  But do make decisions, even the tough ones.


Well, I have a shiny new laptop and have invested in new software to make my working more flexible as sometimes a different set of walls can make all the difference.  Plus some pretty new notebooks and pens too!!

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