And Breathe...


So, I had a break from the desk forced upon me last week – I did my back in completely and utterly – standing hurt, walking hurt, sitting hurt, lying down hurt – everything hurt! I couldn’t put my socks on or do up my trainers for a few days which wasn’t fun!! Luckily, I have an AMAZING chiropractor who is getting me back on the straight and narrow again and has reminded me (again) that sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for you, it’s not good for your posture, your health or your well-being.  Admittedly she’s mainly concerned about my posture and whether I can move (or not as the case was last week).

And I’ve learnt on this enforced break that the world hasn’t ended, clients are understanding and can wait for a reply to their emails, that it does you good to get up and move and get out.

When you run your own business you never completely switch off you are always thinking about:

  • The next sale

  • The emails you didn’t reply to

  • The social media messages you need to respond to

  • The work that’s on your to do list

  • That your to do list is to long

  • The meeting you have next week

  • The call you have in the morning

And that’s just the list that has come to me now – it’s probably a lot longer in reality.  But do we service our clients and customers best when we are ill or worn out? When we are stretched too far and juggling it all? Nope!

This enforced break has reminded me that it is good to stop, to take a break and to breathe.  I’ve had to get out at least three times a day for a 20min or so walk to get my back moving, I’ve had to think about how I am sitting (when I could sit again) and I’ve had to ice it and stretch it.  Going for these walks has been so nice – seeing the sky (blue and grey), seeing the wildlife and autumn colours, seeing other people out for a stroll and saying good morning to them (dog walkers are generally a friendly bunch at 8:30 in the morning).

Obviously, work can’t wait forever but it’s got my brain whirring:

  • What am I doing that I don’t need to do and who can I get to do it instead?

  • Who are my ideal clients, what makes them special and gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling when I am doing their work

  • What can I do to get the breaks that I want .. I am enjoying these walks and my back is definitely better when I do them so I have to keep them up.

It feels like change is brewing .. good change .. not sure what it looks like yet or what it is going to be but it’s a-coming!! So watch this space!

And I strongly recommend you all take a break, go for a walk and look at the sky too! The world won’t end whilst you do.