Alternative Funding for Your Business - Misfit to Maven: The Story of Argh to Ahh

Following on from our blog on forms of finance for your business, we are really excited to bring you a Q&A with Ebonie Allard who used crowd funding for her book “Misfit to Maven: The Story from Argh to Ahhh"

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Ebonie, tell me about you, your business, what you do and who you help.

I'm a coach, author, misfit and adventurer, and I help creative, visionary misfits who are overwhelmed, have no time, have forgotten who they are, or feel like life is hard, to find their internal and external CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and CALM so that they can become powerful conscious leaders.
I help Misfits become Mavens; living life by our own rules and demonstrating sovereignty as the Kings & Queens of our Kingdom.

What prompted you to look at alternative ways of raising finance for your business?

I really wanted to write a book, I had spent a lot of time researching for it and mapping it out, but about 3 months into writing I was losing focus & I needed incentive to carry on writing.

What options of finance did you look at, what did you choose and why?

I decided to crowdfund because it was a 'two for the price of one' - it meant I could get people interested in what I was doing, whilst raising the finance to publish and re-motivate me as I was no longer just doing it for me, I had people invested. 

How did you find the process?

It was WAY harder than I expected and completely took up the next three months of my life, meaning very little writing actually got done, but it was absolutely worth it in the end!

As part of the funding process you needed “gifts/rewards", how did you decide what was sensible/appropriate?

I spent a lot of time working on our 'perks' making sure that people would get thanked publicly, and get more than if they had waited. I added in a few really special ones, party with me, session with me, stuff like that and I added in other things I had already like my affirmation cards (wisdom and question).

What would your top piece of advice be to others looking at doing the same?

Plan out your marketing, get people interested before you go live and then get half your funding in the first couple of days, that'll push you on to the new and noteworthy page, and then it can roll from there. Make sure you add perks your people will love, money can't buy ones are the best! Be prepared to ask people to help, a lot more than you expected!

Would you do this again? And why do you say that?

Maybe. These days I am more likely not to, but if I were on my first book, I would do it again, yes.


To find out more about Ebonie and what she offers, please follow these links: | FACEBOOK | Instagram


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