A Good Read...

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I am a BIG reader, I read A LOT ... so people often ask me for book recommendations! Now,
telling you all about the latest novel I have read would be a bit odd, but I thought I would
share some of my favourite business books:

Business for Punks – James Watts.
James Watts is co-founder of Brew Dog and this is his business book – yes, there are some
unconventional suggestions but actually, it’s a good read and some fab ideas and explains
everything in a way that is easy to understand.

Daring and Disruptive – Lisa Messenger
Lisa Messenger talks through some of her story and journey and shares her business
lessons along the way.

Do Purpose – David Hieatt
The “Do” books are a series of varying books to help businesses and other areas of life as
well as being a lecture series. This book looks at branding with purpose and was a really
interesting read from the man who took Denim back to Wales.

Sarah Knights books
If you haven’t come across Sarah Knight then look her books up on the internet, they make
you stop and think about what you are doing and why. Not necessarily for everyone but all
three books are definitely thought provoking reads. Be prepared to either re-adjust your
mind-set or be offended! They were a great remember to me that when you are running your
own business you can’t be everything to everyone and actually, you shouldn’t try to be.

And lastly ..
Just because I found something good, doesn’t mean you will and if you have a business
book that you have found an amazing read or really inspirational let me know so I can add to
my ever growing list of books to read (thank goodness for my Kindle, otherwise the pile of
books I have to read beside the bed would probably be taller than me .. !).