Welcome to the New Website

Hi and welcome to the shiny, new and relaunched website! A lot of work has gone into this so I really do hope you like it and find it easy to navigate and the content useful.

So, why the rebrand and refresh? It isn’t all about change for the sake of change .. it was a case of wanting to have a website that actually worked in the way I needed it to and so I partnered up with Laura Cutress at Anchor & Dash (www.anchoranddash.com) and gave Laura the impossible brief of …

“Help, I need my website to be up to date, modern & let me take my plans and ideas forward”

which admittedly was a little on the vague side but working with Laura has resulted in the focus of where I was wanting to go with the site and as a result I have an updated logo, a fresh new website, social media channels that tie in with the branding and am now raring to go! Or as Laura put it (far better than I ever could) … 

“The new logo is a cleaner, more modern take on the original in order to bring the brand up to date in line with the new website and integrated online service offerings. Keeping the feminine tones, the sphere has been flattened in order to be more versatile and applicable across multiple media. With a bold, clean font, the typography now is reflective of the web fonts utilised on the new site, is balanced and easily identifiable. The bold clean version reflects the responsive site in production, promotes the business to the contemporary business owner and reflects Rachael’s take on modern accounting.”

Over the coming months the resources will be added to and if you subscribe to the newsletter you will hear what is coming first of all and have access to special offers.

The newsletter will continue to be published fornightly (ish) with blog posts in between (ish) and there will be some exciting guest blogs along the way too.

As always, your comments and feedback is appreciated so drop me an email at hello@simplified-accounting.co.uk

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