About Us

Simplified Accounting was set up in 2011 to fill a gap for small businesses who wanted quality advice and support but without the jargon and the price tag of a large accountancy firm.  At Simplified Accounting we firmly believe that the numbers are accessible to all and that they really aren’t scary and that the key to understanding is keeping it jargon free.  We help small businesses with their accounts and tax so that they feel supported and confident in their figures allowing them to focus on their awesome businesses.

Rachael Savage Towcester Accountant

Rachael is the resident finance expert for:

  • Southwood Social Hub: a community of women in business who support and encourage one another on their journey.

  • Parent Money: an online resource and community, Parent Money is aimed at today’s parents who want to save money, plan for their family’s future and have some money left over for the fun stuff! Parent Money take out the jargon, and help you feel more in control of your finances.

Rachael Savage

Owner, Chartered accountant

I have always loved numbers, Maths was my favourite subject at school and growing up wanted to be a Maths teacher, at Uni (Maths & Phyiscs) I side-tracked slightly and worked as a research assistant for 3 years after my degree but still kept the love of numbers whilst helping engineering under-grads get their Maths skills up to scratch. Academia wasn't for me, I wanted to work in the "real" world with "real" people but didn't want a boring 9-5 in the same office all the time, so accountancy called knowing I would get to work with lots of different clients in lots of different industries. 

Having worked for a large accountancy firm for 12 years, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of access small businesses had to quality advice and support that they could afford. I could see business owners getting frustrated at the cost and complicated nature of accounting, and whilst I was also struggling to get the work-life balance I wanted with a young family, clients were challenged with fitting their businesses around their own families too. 

With my passion for small business growth I took the plunge in 2011 to create an Accounting Service with a difference. 

Developed for the small business, Simplified Accounting is here to shed light into the dusty depths of your accounts with a range of resources and services. 

Here at Simplified Accounting, we:

  • help with your accounts and tax so that you feel supported and confident in your figures, allowing you to focus on your awesome business!
  • provide high quality, jargon free, affordable services
  • make the numbers accessible .. they don't need to be scary! 

As well as being a chartered accountant I am also a wife and Mum to a snowboarding obsessed 13 year old! When I truly have time to myself I will often be found with my head in a book, behind the lens of a camera or getting creative with glass work ... or asleep on the sofa with the TV still on!